Royal EUREKA in Vienna

As a FullTilt ambassador for Eureka Poker Tour, it is with great pride that I can say this has been the best organized Eureka poker tour so far. The venue, Hofburg Palace, in the center of Vienna, added a classier note to an already amazing poker. Not only that, it had a record number of players! An impressive 1432 players participated in this royal Eureka.
I’d like to congratulate the entire organizing team, great job!

My show was over in the last hand before dinner break. My AK couldn’t compete with KQ. Bad beat again, but at least this time it wasn’t the kings in the Main Event. Still, in the Ladies Event even the aces just couldn’t cut it against a pair of jacks. Of course, it was in the action before the flop. However, being a relentless optimist, I really do believe my luck is just about to turn! Sunshine comes after the rain, and well, it’s time this sun of mine dried out all the puddles :)

Flipout tournaments

As a part of Eureka and EPT, Full Tilt promoted a new type of tournament in Vienna – flipout tournaments. They are perfect when you don’t have a lot of time and you’d like to play a multiplayer tournament.
(Flipout Tournaments consist of two rounds, each with a different format.
The tournament begins with a Shootout round, which features a Flip Tournament format. In this round, all players go all-in automatically on every hand and one player per table progresses to the next round.

In most Flipout Tournaments, the bubble bursts at the end of the first round. All players who reach the second round in a regular Flipout Tournament will share in the prize pool. The remaining entrants are reseated at new tables and the tournament continues with a standard betting structure.)

The promotion included the first ever LIVE FLIPOUT TOURNAMENT. It was a freeroll in which the first prize was EPT Vienna Main Event seat, worth €5,300, and other prizes were seats in side events! Alongside the FullTilt team, Gus Hansen and Viktor Blom, and FullTilt ambassadors Dermot Blain, Robert Cezarescu, Andras Nemeth and me, and several other PokerStars pros, there were also the lucky ones who managed to draw an ace from a deck of cards and participate in this new game.

It was so fun and different, something new! You can try it out at FullTilt!

Aside from all these events, I have to say the weather in Vienna was really perfect and I spent my free time sipping gin & tonic with a great bunch in a crowded Stefan Platz in 23°C weather at the end of March! :) I visited “Plahuta” restaurant recommended by our host where we had some odd dishes. I’m still not sure which part of the bull they were made of. All I remember is it was bull meat. Oh, and the wine, I do remember the wine. Nice Austrian, semi-sweet wine and lots and lots of laughter :)

Until next time, kisses to everyone!

About author Hana Soljan

About Hana

Hana Šoljan is one of three new ambassadors signed to rep Full Tilt's Eureka Poker Tour and she says the sponsorship will do great things for poker in Croatia.