From the moment I checked in at the beautiful hotel in downtown Montreal, I heard a wonderful sentence from an excited lady who worked at the front desk: “Miss Soljan, this is your first time in Montreal?” My first time in Canada actually, I said. And she went on: “Well, you’re really lucky then (turning the paper with the weather forecast). These are the most beautiful ten days weather-wise in the last 30 years!” Wonderful, I replied, rummaging through my bag looking for my sunglasses.

I have been really lucky when it comes to the weather, I have never been to London when it rained, even Dublin and Galway were sunny last month!

Since this big tournament was organized by FullTilt, almost all ambassadors gathered in one place: my EUREKA team, UIKPT team (who I always have a wonderful time with), and this was the first time I met the ambassadors from Brazil, great, sweet, young people!

We had so much to do and Johnatan Duhamel taught us how to deck hokey, we went to see Canadian baseball, Duhamel took us out for a traditional dish PuTIN, none of us ever heard of :) We ate maple syrup candy and really had a great time in Montreal, a beautiful city.

The tournament had a pretty good turnout with 1625 entries. The organization was superb, card room probably the best I’ve ever been to, excellent tables with leather armchairs, and an overall good vibe on the tournament! It went really well, I was in the second day and out of 1625 of them I ended up 71st. Ahh… well… I expected a bit more since I came in so close!

Well, anyway, here’s some photos so you get the feel for the atmosphere!

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Hana Šoljan is one of three new ambassadors signed to rep Full Tilt's Eureka Poker Tour and she says the sponsorship will do great things for poker in Croatia.