Eureka Poker Tour PRAG

Eureka poker tour always ends up in Prague and just in time for Christmas. I like Vienna at Christmas just as the next person, but Prague during Christmas time is a true FAIRYTALE.

Interestingly enough, my grandma was Czech, so I’m 1/4 Czech, and my mom is half-Czech, so you can guess who came along for yet another poker trip! Yes, that’s right, my mom! My mom, who is not only my mom, but also my best friend and I would say the best living creature to ever walk on the face of the Earth! I mean, I know you think I only think this because she’s my mom, but honestly, trust me, it’s not just that, she really is! :)

As an ambassador of the Eureka poker Tour, I have to say I was extremely proud of this even in Prague, where 1315 players competed. The organization was top notch as well as the atmosphere. There were a lot of Croats at the tournament because everyone loves to come to Eureka in Prague.

I got pretty far along in the tournament, but unfortunately, for like the 50thtime, kings played me at a crucial moment. It became a joke already, everyone teases me about the curse of Hana’s kings. But, since I like to approach life in a positive way, I believe this bad luck will turn!

I played the ladies event with my mom, who really showed them how it’s done! It was her first international tournament and she was so excited, like a child. I think it’s wonderful of her that she really wanted to learn to play poker, because she understands me better now. Of course, she plays it just for fun, her daytime job is teaching, she has a degree in the Croatian Language and Philosophy.

We enjoyed Plzen beer with lunch and Czech dessert “Svickova”, a beautifully decorated Prague and our never-ending mother-daughter philosophic discussions!

Wonderful days in Prague! Life is beautiful.

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Hana Šoljan is one of three new ambassadors signed to rep Full Tilt's Eureka Poker Tour and she says the sponsorship will do great things for poker in Croatia.