Barcelona and winning EPT Ladies Barcelona with Hana & Marina

I have a feeling I’m following my favorite movies around the world. I love “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”, because I think that this seemingly shallow romantic little movie perfectly deals with life dilemmas. It’s just that this time it wasn’t about Vicky and Cristina but Hana and Marina! My friend who I sat next to in high school. The city was the same. Barcelona, to me, the most beautiful European city. Full of life, joie de vivre, beauty and character. In probably the best time to visit it – September.

Since the main reason for my arrival was “Estrellas”, the following day I was already at the poker table. Marina wasted no time and enjoyed some cocktails on the beach. I lost the tournament on a classic coin flip, nothing spectacular. But when you’re in Barcelona, even losing doesn’t hit you so hard, so we went to the hotel, put on our dresses and decided to explore Barcelona’s night life. Carpe Diem club really hit the spot.

EPT ladies event followed, the second tournament, which was attended by an impressive number of 86 women! Wow, I thought, it would be amazing to win this one! Little by little, women were out and as there were fewer of us at the tournament, my desire to win grew stronger! Before dinner break, I just got in the money and Marina was waiting for me at our restaurant, dinner and wine already on the table! We raised our glasses and I told her: “You know what, I’m gonna win that thing!” I was back in the “poker ring” with the rest of the players, all 12 of them! Soon it was the final round, then 6, 5, 4, 3, heads up and victory!!! I was truly ecstatic, because it was my first title since signing for FullTilt! And also, it was the second EPT ladies trophy in my hands!! Marina and I wasted no time to celebrate the victory at a big players’ party!

Oh, it really feels great waking up in the morning and seeing that shiny trophy! Sometimes I feel like I would give up the money I win just to get another trophy! :) I hope my collection will expand!

After eyeing the trophy, we had our usual morning coffee and went on a little cruise on PokerStars’ yacht, where some poker colleagues from Croatia and two lovely ladies from Sweden, also poker players, joined us! Oh, what a day!

The remaining days were spent enjoying the beauties of Barcelona, which are better shown than told!

Barca, you were phenomenal!

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Hana Šoljan is one of three new ambassadors signed to rep Full Tilt's Eureka Poker Tour and she says the sponsorship will do great things for poker in Croatia.