At the beginning of the 2009, Croatian National Television aired TexasHoldem poker for the first time. When she saw this new (to her) kind of poker, she couldn’t stop watching. It was love, not at first site, but at first card. At the end of 2009, Casino was open in Split. The manager was Hana’s friend so she sat down for her first live game ever and played her first small tournament. The next month, she started winning small tournaments regularly. Her first bigger tournament was held in June 2009 and she came in third.

In 2010, Hana founded the first female poker team in Europe with her friend Zeljka Perkovic and in collaboration with, a Croatian poker web portal. That was the year when poker really boomed in this area and was present in all the media. Pokerica ladies team organized the first ladies tournament with great success and continued to play in Croatian female league.

It was only at the end of 2010 that Hana tried her luck on international tournaments and won EPT ladies event in Prague in 2010.

After that, she continued to be successful, winning first place in 2011 in side event at the Bahamas, playing the first tournament at WSOP and first WSOP cash 2012 – 1 place side event Eureka Omaha in Zagreb.

Hana was cast as a host of Croatian poker TV show in 2012 called "The best poker hands".

May 2013 saw a great plot twist in Hana’s poker story. Hana signed for one of the biggest poker houses in the world. FULL TILT POKER made Hana Full Tilt ambassador for all Eureka tournaments, and she became an online "RED PRO". As Hana says, it was her poker dream come true moment. As a sponsored Full Tilt player, she has been able to play numerous tournaments, and on August 31 she won her first sponsored tournament, EPT Ladies in Barcelona. The second EPT ladies title.

To be continued… :)

Hana Soljan